Dienstag, 30. März 2021

Slavoj Zizek on white liberals

In a talk found on Youtube from 2019 philospher Slavoj Zizek talks about white liberal hypocracy and why this eventually leads us into long-lasting anti-liberalist rule. With regard to the currently ongoing discussion on identity politics his thougts havent't lost any of their relevance.

Since he is a bit difficult to understand (which actually applies to me, too, please forgive me some minor [...] gaps), here's a transcript of his words.

It's a well-known, I'm sorry if you know it, I've used it two-three times in my books, it was also used already by many philosophers, even Derrida, used it. A joke about Jews gathered in a synagogue on sabbat to publicly declare their failures, and first a mighty rabbi says: "forgive me, oh God, I'm nothing, not worth of your attention". After him a rich Jewish merchant says: "forgive me, oh God, I'm a worthless nothing", and then a poor ordinary Jew steps forward and says: "forgive me, God, I'm also nothing". At that point, it doesn't matter who, the rich merchant slaps the rich rabbi and says: "who is that guy who dares to claim that he is nothing - we are the nothing!" That's a white-liberal-like debate.